Symbols that lift the CTR

When used in the headlines, symbols can in some cases lift the CTR, and in some others it can actually drop.

®: My experience has been great with this one. It helps to give the message of “we are the official site”.

?: Using question marks usually have a low performance, and yet many use them. I guess they don’t do A/B tests…

!: If we could use them, that would rule and I’m sure they would send CTR to the sky.

#: In some cases it can help. You should test it in order to really know.

Emojis: They are against AdWords ad writing policy so my suggestion is to not use them.

$: If you’re promoting a low price, it can help of course.

&: In all my tests it underperformed compared to “and”.

Know any other symbols that should be tested?

Here is some more info about the ad writing policy.

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