Symbols that lift the CTR

When used in the headlines, symbols can in some cases lift the CTR, and in some others it can actually drop.

®: My experience has been great with this one. It helps to give the message of “we are the official site”.

?: Using question marks usually have a low performance, and yet many use them. I guess they don’t do A/B tests…

!: If we could use them, that would rule and I’m sure they would send CTR to the sky.

#: In some cases it can help. You should test it in order to really know.

Emojis: They are against AdWords ad writing policy so my suggestion is to not use them.

$: If you’re promoting a low price, it can help of course.

&: In all my tests it underperformed compared to “and”.

Know any other symbols that should be tested?

Here is some more info about the ad writing policy.

Is your agency improving?

As PPC managers, we normally look for each account’s performance and work hard to improve its KPIs.
But as an agency, we must focus on the continuous improvement not only of our accounts, but also on our techniques and processes.

Lately i’ve been digging at data from my “my client account” (formerly known as MCC) and to my satisfaction, I can see that we are doing a good job overall.

By clicking this button on the left:

We can then see how we are performing CTR-wise for example:

Or, we can see if we are driving more conversions each month:

Is our conversion rate improving?

As we see in the last graphic, we got a lower CR in the last two months, but since we got more conversions, it’s not something to worry.

I recommend to also take a look at the “competitive metrics” like “search impression share” in order to be aware of each client’s budget and to make corrections if needed.

Also, for more insights about continuous improvement, take a look at this article: